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I started to write this blog and found myself going on a screed about the modern salad with its sugar-laden toppings and dressings. But that’s not the point at all! If candied pecans and bacon bits help you enjoy your salad and eat more vegetables, you certainly aren’t alone. The fact is, most people struggle to get enough of the anti-oxidents, phytonutrients and vitamins that come from vegetables. And as you are most likely aware, the state of the earth’s depleted topsoil means the vegetables we find in the grocery store have less nutrition than before. Too often salad is a good intention that doesn’t deliver on its nutritional promise. A study published in Scientific American (link below) reports we would have to eat up to 8 times more of some products to get the same nutrition our grandparents did. That’s a lot of chewing!

Microgreens have up to 40 times the nutrition of fully grown vegetables (from research by the USDA, see link below), so you get a lot of nutrition in a small serving. Adding microgreens to your salad increases the amount of nutrition you get without really increasing the volume you need to eat. So you can feel even better about eating that yummy Caesar, spring harvest or even strawberry & spinach masterpiece. You’ll get lots of filling fiber from the ripe veggies, and a shot of superfood nutrition from the microgreens. The best of veg!

Want to learn more about microgreen nutrition? Check out these links:

-Michael & Edie

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